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About US

Our mission begins and ends with self-determination. For fifty years Tucson Residence Foundation has focused on individualized support services tailored to do more than meet the “needs” of those we serve.


Tucson Residence Foundation values the uniqueness of each individual. We believe that each person can participate in and contribute to their community when given the opportunity. By honoring personal preference and remaining mindful of each person’s contribution, we can change the trajectory of the lives of those we are privileged to support.

  • We believe in full community participation

  • We believe in the dignity of risk ever mindful of individual safety

  • We believe in interdependence and the value of supportive, healthy relationships

  • We believe that everyone contributes to their community and should be recognized for their contribution

  • We believe in full citizenship, equal rights, and self-direction

  • We believe in the freedom to decide how one wants to live his or her life

  • We believe in the continual evaluation of our services and measurable attainable outcomes for those we serve and those that provide service

So how do we measure success?


We believe in finding out what kind of a life you “want”, helping you to realize that life and teaching you the best way to maintain the life you’ve chosen.


115 S Sherwood Village Drive

Tucson, AZ 85710


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