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Tucson Residence Foundation (TRF) was founded in 1971 by friends and relatives of individuals with developmental disabilities. The Foundation was the first of its kind to provide a community based residential alternative to institutionalization. The first group home in Southern Arizona, still operating today, was the result of the collective efforts of family members, volunteers and community leaders.


What began as a grassroots effort to provide a single alternative to large congregate care facilities now supports well over one hundred adults in a variety of housing options throughout the Tucson community. With over forty locations, Tucson Residence Foundation can offer real choice about where and how each individual lives their life.


Since its inception, Tucson Residence Foundation’s mission has been driven by the principles of self-determination. Our success has always been measured by the degree to which each individual we support makes choices and decisions that reflect their own preferences and interests.


As we approach our 50th Anniversary we are continually reminded of the vital role each of our mentors play in the lives of those we are privileged to support. With over 300 dedicated employees, Tucson Residence Foundation continues to expand at a pace that ensures we remain true to our mission. The management team, many of whom have served the Foundation since it began, maintain a personal interest in each of the individuals in our services. Mindful of our history, and the history of people with disabilities, we approach the future with optimism and excitement.

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